How many points is a touchdown? What is a field goal?


  • associated with a debit card
  • easiest to convert to cash
  • used to pay credit cards
  • typically earns low to no interest
  • typically has no rewards/cash back


  • long term storage
  • may have limits on withdrawal
  • typically earns low interest

Setup your own website from scratch in 3 easy steps

  • HTML: content (e.g. text, images, links)
  • CSS: style (e.g. color, sizing, spacing)
  • Javascript: interaction (e.g. buttons, forms, animations)

Including how to set up Two-Way SSL authentication

Configure a Java Key Store

1. Make sure you download the 4 necessary files

  • Private key (can only be downloaded once during the creation of a Visa Developer project)
  • Project Certificate (a)
  • VDP Certificate (b)
  • DigiCert Certificate (c)

The easiest guide to using Multer for image handling


1. Configure component

this.state = {
images: []
onChangeImages(e) {
images: …

The easiest way to get an app up and running on a live server in just 5 steps

├── _client (React app)
├── _node_modules
├── .env
├── .gitignore
├── index.js (server file)
├── package-lock.json
├── package.json

1. Edit server file.

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